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Lincoln Nebraska Creditors Rights Commercial Bankruptcy Law Firm

At the Lincoln, Nebraska, law firm of Cada Law, our attorneys work with businesses and collection agencies to retrieve debts and protect their rights in litigation. Many creditors are concerned about spending the time and money necessary to recover bad debts and to protect themselves in bankruptcy proceedings. By hiring an experienced law firm, you can secure and collect debts from consumers and other businesses in a cost effective manner.

Our lawyers have worked with many health care facilities, credit unions, banks and other businesses throughout Nebraska on collection law matters. Our firm is also a registered agent for many of the collection agencies doing business in the state. We provide aggressive advocacy for the problems that our clients face on a regular basis and use creative solutions to make debtors pay our clients what they owe.

Obtaining Judgments Against Debtors in Commercial Collections

For businesses that we represent in commercial collections, our goal is to keep your accounts receivable low and keep their durations down. One of the ways that we attempt to do this is by obtaining judgments against debtors. A judgment gives us the legal authority to file liens on property, repossess collateral and garnish wages. We also have the ability to receive and process payments, making the process much less complicated and more efficient for our clients.

If a debtor files for bankruptcy protection during the collection period, the attorneys at Cada Law work hard to protect creditors’ rights during the process. This includes challenging automatic stays, looking for any fraud on behalf of debtors and challenging the discharge of certain debts that were incurred through willful or malicious conduct.

Let Us Help You Get the Payments You Deserve

The Cada Law Firm has built a strong track record of success in collection law and has obtained favorable settlements through litigation on behalf of creditors and collection agencies in Nebraska. If you are concerned about protecting your rights as a creditor, contact us by calling us 402-477-2233 or toll free at 888-546-2232. Get the experienced help that you deserve.